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MegaPath Case Study

Landing Page Testing Provides More Leads & A Better Poker Face for MegaPath

How soon should you show your cards when it comes to service pricing? Does pricing on a lead form provide a ballpark that encourages completions, or does it scare away price sensitive customers and forfeit the opportunity to sell value before showing the pricetag? B2B internet service provider, MegaPath, was going through this same debate regarding their Paid Media landing pages, which originally showed standard pricing for core services, despite the fact that MegaPath’s products are actually very customizable to customer needs.


Atypical Digital took a data-driven approach and answered these questions with a testing program to split traffic across a landing page that did and did not show pricing. Results showed clearly that the landing page with pricing removed yielded more form completions with a 28% increase in check-for-service lead form completions. In this case it turns out it’s better to hold your pricing close to your chest.

Breville Case Study

Atypical Digital Cooks Up A Versatile Sales Enablement Tool for Breville

High-end kitchen appliance brand, Breville, needed a new modern way for salespeople to showcase their products and also wanted to launch a recipe collection to inspire their customers. With stores and partner relationships worldwide, the solution needed to be versatile enough to deploy through a variety of devices and intuitive enough for easy use by sales personnel and customers worldwide.


Some would call that too tall an order, but Atypical Digital cooked up a winning recipe for both a sales-enablement app and a recipe app to promote the brand to customers. The sales enablement app was built with an intuitive interface that matched the Breville brand, functioned across tablets, kiosks, and mobile devices, and allowed for easy ongoing content updates by the Breville marketing team.

Content Strategy Helps LIM College Sell Careers, Not Classes

Choosing a higher education institution is a huge decision that impacts your career and the rest of your life. LIM College is a specialized educational institution that focuses on fashion merchandising and other aspects of the business side of the fashion industry. Like most college websites, LIM had plenty of information about the details of the courses and topics they offered, but did little to inspire prospective students and answer questions like “what is fashion merchandising?” or “what does a fashion merchandiser do?”


Atypical Digital put on an inbound marketing clinic to help LIM graduate to the next level of online marketing. With a syllabus of content strategy, SEO, and email marketing, the Atypical Earned Media team built a marketing system to intersect prospects early in the research phase, capture email addresses in exchange for eBook content, and nurture prospects to become new leads for the LIM admissions team. *Cue up Pomp and Circumstance.

GNC Case Study

Atypical & Great Northern Corp Have Social Advertising in the Bag Box

What do you do when your PPC ads are producing solid results, but there’s nowhere left to bid to expand your pipeline? Creative packaging company, Great Northern Corporation (GNC), was in this situation before turning to Atypical Digital for a brand new Social Media advertising package to increase lead flow from other online channels.


GNC is an industry thought leader and provides webinars regularly. Atypical Digital’s Paid Media team targeted Facebook and LinkedIn as a new opportunity to draw in additional webinar attendees, a list which typically proved to be a quality source of leads. The new campaigns delivered boxes of likes, shares, and plenty of new webinar attendees.

Atypical Puts a Fresh Coat of Paint on Behr’s Color Picker Experience

If you want to be the nation’s leading interior and exterior paint provider, you need to be able to consult customers to the perfect color – online and offline. Behr Paint needed to overhaul their online color picker experience to match the speed and ease modern consumers demand.


Atypical Digital primed the surface with a series of user tests, then layered on a new intuitive design for both mobile and desktop, and touched it all up with a new programming language to make updates easier for the Behr team. Stepping back, the Behr team saw a finished product that would make Bob Ross proud.

Xilinx Case Study

Atypical Digital Brings Xilinx Up to Speed

Customers expect a fast, effective website. Xilinx needed to catch up with several improvements to their content management system. Atypical Digital deployed fixes and upgrades. Now Xilinx’s website loads faster (70+% faster for some pages), has more features, and is more responsive.


After the performance upgrades, Atypical Digital remained on the job to help Xilinx with website rebranding, which included reviews of mockups, prototypes, and code updates. This start-to-finish capability illustrates how invested Atypical Digital was to Xilinx’s expectations.


Xilinx’s leadership knew that a total overhaul of the site was needed, and Atypical Digital delivered from the mapping phase of architecture to the finishing aesthetic touches of rebranding.

STMicro Case Study

ST Micro

The STMicroelectronics website is built around featuring their large catalog of semiconductor and chip products. A system had to be created to monitor product pages, relay up-to-the-second pricing information, generate dynamic features on product pages, such as tables, and export and index search data.


Security concerns, navigability issues and integration were all weighed when Atypical Digital set out to custom build a solution.

Citrix Case Study


The Citrix Ready team was constrained by numerous drawbacks within their existing platforms.  Atypical Digital was hired to conduct a comprehensive study of the platforms to identify technical and business constraints, design a viable solution, and select the technology stack that would solve Citrix’s challenges.

Autodesk Case Study


As a global business, Autodesk must make information available across multiple systems and languages. For example, to provide information for end-users on AutoCAD—Autodesk’s most popular design and engineering software—the company needed to introduce content internationally in multiple languages (requiring translation) and through multiple websites.


By architecting a new AEM 6.0 system, Atypical Digital delivered the framework Autodesk will need to continue as a leader in creative and visualization software and solutions.