Experience Services

Build A Digital Presence You Can Be Proud Of

Atypical Digital’s Experience department makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets. Whether through websites and mobile devices or beacons and in-store experiences, we deliver amazing content and digital experiences that build brand loyalty and drive demand. We place the customer at the center of every interaction, ensuring that our clients will see increased revenue, greater customer engagement and consistency across all channels.


We’re equally-adept at developing and integrating custom Web Content Management (WCM) solutions or working within an existing WCM to integrate and deliver new capabilities.

Service Models

We can flex to whatever service model gets the job done. If you need consulting we can work as a consultant, if you need an extra pair of hands we can provide staff to help your team. These and other models include…



Staff Augmentation / Blended Team Agreements

Assessments & Discovery

Full-project Lifecycle

Managed Services

Development Team Outsourcing

Emergency Recovery

Proof-of-Concept & Architectural Spike

Training Services

Development Specialization

Our bench of experts can tackle just about any project on a variety of different platforms, including…


Adobe Experience Manager

Large Catalog Deployment

Platform Upgrade

Platform Expansion

Digital asset management & dynamic assets (e.g. scene7)

Communities & social

Responsive frameworks & custom front-end Multi-vendor management

Globalization and localization

Brand management across multiple platforms

Personalization optimization and targeting

System Integration Services

We connect data in meaningful ways with system integrations services like…


Translation & Localization Automation CDN and Caching Layers

Product Information Management (PIM) Analytics

Mobile Deployment

Campaign Management

Tag Management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Learning management (LMS)

Cloud Infrastructure (E.G. Adobe Managed Services Hybris Managed

Services AWS Rackspace & AT&T)

Account Management

It doesn’t matter how good the work if we don’t have a strong relationship with our partners. One of our key differentiators is an investment in relationships, which we offer through our experienced account management team.


Subject matter experts will be made available, but your account manager will be a consistent point of contact, internal advocate, strategic consultant, and educator in the world of digital marketing. The account management layer ensures that teams maintain alignment, that work stays on schedule, and that our clients have strategic consultation on the best use of services available.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in one or more of these services, please contact us to start a conversation and talk about the details of your needs and business. We look forward to hearing from you.