Our Hunt for Better Paid Media Reporting Brought Us to AdStage

The Problem

Last October we noticed our Paid Media team members were spending up to 50% of their time each month pulling data for client reports. The problem with managing multiple accounts is that it takes a lot of time to access data from disparate sources, which takes away from time that could be spent focused on optimization for performance.

Making the issue worse, the platforms we once leveraged for bid optimization (Marin & Kenshoo), were going unused because of lengthy setup requirements. In most cases they were being underutilized as a data export tool. These tools were designed to make bidding and optimization easier, but as platforms like Google and Facebook improve their algorithms and features, they’ve become easier to use and have begun to overtake the need to use 3rd party tools.

Our 3rd party tools also couldn’t keep up with the number of ad and campaign types offered by the constantly-evolving ad platforms, leaving them to manage only a small segment of the entire data our experts were managing. It was clearly time to find a new software solution to help our experts spend less time wrestling with outdated tools and more time making changes that improve performance.

The Hunt

Most of the accounts we work on involve Search and Social Media advertising platforms. We work with trusted partners for Display Programmatic, Video, ReTargeting, and other channels, so Search and Social were the platforms that stood to produce the most time saved in day to day activities.

With Search and Social in mind, we began researching the latest and greatest when it comes to paid media reporting and at all ends of the spectrum. We built a list of requirements and began reviewing different tools, which included smaller, agency-specific operations like NinjaCat in addition to more broad-spanning data visualization tools like Domo and Tableau. We considered all the possible solutions, whether an out-of-the-box tool made for ad reporting, or more customized solutions that would have some assembly and data integrations required.

The Winner: AdStage

The research process took nearly 3 months of lovely non-billable time, however it was well worth it in the end. The platform that stood out to us was AdStage. They had more native ad platform connections and a partnership-style relationship. The ease of setup was refreshing, no longer did we need to start over and setup custom conversion actions to appease yet another platform for tracking purposes. We could simply use the features that are native within our advertising networks, which means no more 3rd party bidding tools. All of our bidding strategies could use the advanced offerings now within Google and Bing, for example.

AdStage accomplished our original mission of saving reporting time with an out-of-the-box Google Analytics integration and the ability to integrate data via Google Sheets if that connection ever became an issue. This reporting function saved us from painstaking exporting and compilation of data from different sources.

The Results

We’ve been using AdStage for a year now. After a full year of usage, the time it takes to pull reports has been reduced from 50% of resource time to 20% most months. Thanks to AdStage, we spend less time finding data, more time acting on insights, and have happier clients and employees.


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