We’ve developed digital marketing solutions for hundreds of companies. Over the years we’ve learned patterns in channel strategy and approach. The playbooks below are still custom-tailored to your business and goals, but provide a framework of strategy and tactics that best match your business model and customer behavior.


For eCommerce, success is qualified traffic as evidenced by online revenue. This playbook focuses on B2C relevant channels, lifestyle content that educates and inspires sales, and investment in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and website testing to maximize performance.

Playbook Goal: Traffic; Revenue from Digital Channels

Long Consideration B2B Lead Generation

For businesses with high consideration purchases that transact offline. Our mission is to drive qualified traffic, which will result in qualified leads for your sales team. We do this with a robust content strategy, B2B-relevant channels, and ongoing communication and collaboration with your teams to hone lead quality and close new business.

Playbook Goal: Sales; Qualified Leads from Digital Channels

Higher Education / B2C Lead Generation

Higher education organizations are also lead-driven but with sensitivity to a program calendar. This playbook focuses on channels that can intersect students, budgeting according to a calendar, content that inspires and supports enrollment, and an email nurture system to keep your institution top of mind.

Playbook Goal: Leads; Applications; Enrolls from Digital Channels

Sound Like A Fit?

If any of these playbooks look like they might be a fit for your business, contact us to start a discussion. We’ll ask a lot of questions about your business and provide you more detail about how these programs scale and flex to fit your specific needs.