Analytics Services

Ship captains have sextants, race car drivers have a dashboard, pilots have an instrument panel. Digital marketers have analytics. If you don’t have analytics configured for your web presence and your goals, you can’t expect to reach them or even know what direction to go. This element of digital is notoriously overlooked, under leveraged, and misunderstood at great expense to marketing budgets and ROI.

Be wary of any digital marketing firm that does not employ their own team of analytics experts. If you aren’t investing in ways to measure progress, you must not care that much about results. We find this to be common and ludacris behavior that undermines our industry. There are incredibly powerful things you can do with digital channels, and we employ a team of analytics experts to prove it.



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Data Integrity Audit

The only thing worse than no data is bad data. Our Analytics team can efficiently evaluate your web analytics configuration to identify incorrect settings or missing tags that generate critical data for key conversion points and evaluate data integrity to assure under or over counting issues are resolved.

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Web Analytics Implementation

Web analytics seems rudimentary, but isn’t simple or easy to get right. Most businesses need to see at least who is coming to their website and how they are getting there. Measure your marketing channels and the significant actions users take as a result.

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Data Integration

Data in disparate locations creates more problems than solutions. When signals from different areas of your business need to be joined to help you move forward, we can help.

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Business Intelligence

Patterns in large sets of data can unlock massive insights for your organization. We can help design, intake, and output meaningful displays that turn big data into big insights.

Why We’re Atypical

No box checking. Ever. Think the fact that data is tracking means our job is done? We don’t. We don’t stop until we’ve cut through the noise to deliver meaningful, actionable insights that everyone on the call understands. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because the industry needs to deliver a higher standard of analytics product. It’s atypical, but we do just that.

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