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Content Strategy & Marketing

Whether you like it or not, your website isn’t a website; it’s a salesperson. Whether it’s a good salesperson is up to you. An effective salesperson relates with the customer, understands they have reservations, receives them where they are in the customer journey, addresses their concerns, and consults them to a sale. Transforming your website from a digital brochure to an effective salesperson is done with well-planned, well-architected, and well-written content that considers search engines.

Content is commonly referred to as website or online content, but great content knows no bounds. An investment in a powerful content piece can and should be leveraged in online and offline formats – wherever that knowledge can best be delivered to your customers, prospects, or internal teams.




Content Gap Analysis

What do people want to know about your products, brand, and industry? What content do you presently provide – or lack – to answer these questions? The Content Gap Analysis discovers all the most popular information people are looking for and presents the areas where your content falls short.


Content Strategy

Development of a Content Strategy is a vital document to establish key audiences of focus, content that is most valuable to your business, and the content needed to fill discovered gaps. This deliverable will include recommendations as to audience, content  themes, content formats, and a punch list of specific content ideas.


Web Copywriting (SEO Optimized)

If you need new service page content or help writing a compelling mission statement, we can help. For any pages that have SEO impact, we provide the option to perform keyword research and write SEO optimized copy.


Long Form Content / Sales Collateral

If you need to gracefully and effectively explain something or make a sales pitch, you need more to say. Through research and interviews with your team we can structure, develop, and design long form content pieces that can be leveraged for years to come.


Blog Content / Blog Strategy

A blog shouldn’t just be a repository for mediocre content every two to three months. If your business is presented with an opportunity to become a thought leader, we can help you develop a strategy and a system for letting your voice be heard.

Why We’re Atypical

Content is not the text that fills space on your website. It’s your voice. We treat every word knowing that it represents your business and your brand. When we work together on your content, we’re going to spend the time getting to know you, your business, your customers, and your industry so that we can represent your business’ voice the way you hear it in your mind.

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