Paid Media

Online channels like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and online channels provide many opportunities for productive spend of marketing budget – granted you have a clear mission. There are many different channels that will allow you to pay for exposure, the question is which ones will be effective for your business and goals?

The value of experience can’t be underestimated in paid media. We spend millions of dollars per year on behalf of our clients and our Paid Experts have been at this for well over a decade. We know the trends in creative that get more attention and we know the tendencies in each channel. Most of these platforms are built to get you to spend more if you aren’t careful.

We help you maximize each paid dollar on every channel because we scrutinize each of them daily. Our teams maintain a deep knowledge of each channel because it’s the details that set you apart.




Google Ads / PPC

This prevalent advertising channel has become a specialized art and science. We can tackle account setups, audits, and support hands on with ongoing management and direct insights, support and beta tests directly from our dedicated search engine reps.


Social Media Advertising

When it comes to specific audience targeting, there are few channels better than Social Media. From campaign setup to ad creative, we can spread your message via all major social media platforms. Need to understand what a paid social media audience and budget should look like? Give us a call and our experts and their social media platform reps can get you the information you need.


Display / Programmatic

Online publications and general web browsing provide innumerable opportunities to advertise to your audiences and build awareness, but as with all advertising it’s about getting it right. There are hundreds of programmatic ad networks, technology and solutions. We’ll help you separate signal from noise.


Video Advertising

Sometimes it’s better to show rather than tell. Video advertising is powerful both for targeting capabilities and for the heightened engagement commanded by video content.

Why We’re Atypical

We’re never owned by the channel. Every advertising platform has their own way of trying to coerce you into spending more until your campaigns lose efficiency. We know their games and we aren’t trying to hear it. We’re loyal to your marketing budget and your goals, never the suggestion of interested parties like platform owners or publishers.

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