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It’s not snake oil. It’s not a magic bullet either. SEO is a mature digital marketing channel which done properly, can position your brand as an online authority and change the way your business finds customers online.

Google and other search engines have become quintessential ways that we learn about our world. People are using search engines more and more each day. They ask specific questions and they expect specific answers. As more and more players enter the market with websites that search engines can discover and index, it’s more complex for businesses to navigate the SEO landscape and earn keyword rankings that are high enough and relevant enough to actually drive business results. You need a partner that not only knows how search engines work, but deftly learn how your business works, how your customers think, and how to reverse engineer their questions into keywords that you can use to forge productive sales conversations to through your website content. That’s exactly what we provide at Atypical Digital.



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SEO Opportunity Analysis

Should you invest in SEO? You may not know if SEO is a viable channel for your business. It may not be, but it very well could make a huge positive impact. Our seasoned SEO team can provide an efficient and insightful report on the opportunity SEO presents for your business, who your SEO competitors are, and recommendations for moving forward.

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Foundational SEO Optimization

One time or short term projects can be performed to make sure your site is Search Engine friendly and optimized for keywords that are relevant to your business. A strong foundation sets the stage for future success.

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Ongoing SEO Campaigns

For businesses that want to build and leverage SEO as a marketing channel ongoing. We start with a strong SEO foundation and then continue building your SEO market share with new content development, ongoing support through technical issues and site changes, and link building to overtake existing competition.

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Local SEO

For businesses with brick and mortar locations or services that are heavily localized, Google My Business and geo-specific keywords are what count most. We offer a suite of Local SEO services including Google My Business optimization, high quality directory submission, and optimization of local business pages on your website.

Why We’re Atypical

We’re atypical because we don’t get wrapped up in SEO busywork or blindly prescribe best practices. We maintain focus on the goals of your business and leverage decades of SEO experience to isolate the efforts that generate ROI. Contact us for a consultation about SEO or other digital marketing channels for your business.

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