Top 10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019

2018 is nearly over. And what a year it was for digital communication! With all the privacy noise and new regulations, advances in technology, and new digital marketing trends that we saw this year, it’s an understatement to say we’re excited to see what 2019 holds – we’re thrilled!

As the year draws to a close, Atypical Digital asked the team to put aside Slack, cat memes, whiteboard pictionary, and other very important tasks to offer our digital marketing predictions for 2019. Let’s take a look at what our atypical seers have to say about what’s to come in 2019.


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“AI will become more pervasive throughout how we live, work, and play. Autonomous driving will become more of a reality and not just a fascination. Practical uses for blockchain will emerge.”


Philip Constantine
EVP Global Strategy & Execution, Atypical Digital


“Artificial intelligence (AI) augmented marketing software will begin to emerge as part of a useful, mainstream toolkit for agency media managers instead of being mostly blog fodder for “future-ry” sounding LinkedIn clickbait. The digital marketing agency as we know it will face the urgent need for innovation toward more efficient and scalable solutions as economic growth slows.”


Ramsay Crooks
Managing Partner, Atypical Marketing


“As advertising continues to evolve, the continued push for old or recent strategies will be forced out and new ways of operating will become the standard. The 3 A’s are more important than ever; Attribution, Audiences, and Automation. You must be a strategic thinker and provide proactive direction for your clients and stop ‘turning the dials.’”


Mandy Fitzberger
Director, Paid Media


“I foresee a huge shift in consumer/audience behavior where consumers demand a much higher degree of personalization – a new standard to be defined. This personalization will be driven by predictive analytics and AI and advertisers will have no other option than to adapt new ad-tech to survive.”


Alvaro Martinez
Director, Media Strategy


“Seeing the continued proliferation and use of voice search and how designers will build experiences where there is no interface, just audible responses.”


Steven Shyne
Senior CX Strategist


“In 2019, I predict testing programs to go company-wide; with every department becoming testing-oriented, companies can be sure of the effects a given feature has on the bottomline, before rolling it out for all users.”


Matt Jones
Conversion Optimization Specialist


“Emojis will be used more frequently in digital marketing and our communication in general. Language is evolving and symbol-based communication will become a more viable communication method for more and more consumers and demographics, allowing marketers to effectively feature emojis as a regular part of the messages they distribute – not just a cute style choice to appeal to a younger audience. ”


Matt Fellows
Director, Earned Media


“Google will greatly expand the amount of control website owners have over their own markup, which will be increasingly used by Google in knowledge panels, featured snippets, answer boxes, smart results, etc. As Google moves to more ‘instant results’ for search queries (ie answer boxes, knowledge panels, etc), they will also provide more options for us as marketers to manage that data. We are already seeing some of this through expanded Google My Business features and new site markup options. As Google rolls out new options, it will be highly-advantageous to test and utilize these features. Especially before adoption becomes more widespread, this will be a great way to stand apart from competition and capture the attention of searchers.”


Alanna Hawley
SEO Specialist

“Brands and marketers alike are becoming increasingly aware that it is hard not only to capture the attention of their intended audiences, but even harder to maintain that attention and gain loyalty. Becoming the next shiny object with a pretty logo isn’t enough. Being the cheapest, isn’t enough. 2018 has proven that consumers are valuing if not REQUIRING transparency and authenticity from a brand, with values they can align with their own, more so now than ever before. I predict an increase of disruptive, value-based marketing efforts. Marketing, messaging that focuses more on what a brand values than what it is selling.”


Sarah Fawcett
Creative Director


“For years marketers have taken advantage of data collection and the sale of consumer data. Now that the public has taken note and global legislation is being drafted on how this data can be used, marketing networks like Google, Bing, and Facebook will be forced to innovate in the way they collect and use data for marketers while adhering to new legislation.


Introduction of artificial intelligence methods available to marketers is an example of this kind of innovation, which I fear to be a clever mask for the collection and implementation of consumer data in a way that circumnavigating the legislated external sale or sharing of user data. Marketers that don’t learn to adapt and learn these new technologies won’t be able to remain competitive.”


Lucas Rylander
Paid Media Specialist


Concluding Thoughts


We hope this helps you anticipate the year to come and inspire some ways to plan accordingly. Of course, no prediction is guaranteed to come true but if they do, you read them here first.

Have a 2019 prediction you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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